În anul școlar 2021-2022 liceul nostru s-a alăturat proiectului eTwinning alături de parteneri din Turcia, Romania, Polonia, Italia.

INTRAPOEMS FERRY. As the educators of this Century,we should accept that this Era is mostly dominated by the effect of technological advancements.This makes our students turn out to be introverted and individualised ones.The more artificial and virtual it becomes,the further is the distance between the feelings and the expressions.This project aims to fill the gaps by focusing on poetry.Students will have the chance to learn the world literature in different languages by using the power of poetry.They’ll exchange poems with other students from all over the world.By doing this,they’ll both exchange feelings and practice languages.Students will visit libraries,make use of webtools,conduct translation processes,prepare videos,analyze different culture’s poetry and theirs as well;they’ll mingle poetry with visual arts and performances.Each step will teach something new about their literature and the world literature.While learning,they’ll realise the written expressions of feelings and share this with peers.


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